Gallery Strong Women: Part 2

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What an incredible afternoon we had to celebrate strong women. 💜

Amazing storytellers who shared so graciously showing courage, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Over 60 people from across the globe were inspired, uplifted, and connected.

Thank you for healing so many.

Thanks Trudy Shepherd Blake for our incredible partnership. 💜

Thank you Sara-Jayne King, Francesca Annenberg, Deshnee Moodley, Shelley Maneveldt and Leilani Kuter for your stories.

Looking forward to staying connected. 💜

Love Trudy Shepherd Blake and Charissa Balman


  1. Author

    Trudy and Charissa and all of you present, thank you for this amazing container. I feel so inspired and full of life. Honoring all of your stories. Francesca Annenberg

  2. Author

    Wow – so many powerful themes.I will be reflecting on this event for weeks to come. Ghanaan Edwards

  3. Author

    Wow, what a powerful afternoon spent with beautiful strong women, Thank you so so much for being so vulnerable and brave, inspiring all of us! What a blessing! Ntwenhle

  4. Author

    Storylab gets better and better. Authenticity, strength, value, and integrity… So lovely to see family members involved in supporting their families… Shirley Brink

  5. Author

    Thank you, Thank you Charissa and Trudy for making this so live and real for all of us. You are bright shining stars in the Milky Way for all of us on planet Earth. XXX Claudia Buisson

  6. Author

    It was such a privilege to listen to such amazing women tell their stories. Thank you for sharing, such brave, authentic journeys. Deven Moodley

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