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STORY LAB got invited back to CBC St John’s School to present on the theme of BELONGING.

What a privilege to be invited back and a big thank you Layla Blake to host a Storylab event. Our lineup of storytellers included Luyolo Lengisi, Siyabonga Khusela, and Sherri-Lee Kriedemann.

65 high school children were captivated by the stories told and the awareness permeated through with admiration for the work that Luyolo and Siyabonga are doing with #Langaformen in the communities in educating young men to protect and respect women. Both these young change-makers were victims of losing their mothers due to GBV which motivated them to start



Luyolo Lengisi and Siyabonga Khusela are two incredible young men who bravely shared their personal stories on Gender-Based Violence and how they witnessed the devastating effects of watching a mother die and leaving them motherless. The stories are an account of what many youngsters witness daily and how they are making a difference within their communities to change this narrative.

#LangaForMen started in the middle of August 2019 by two young boys aged 21 years who’ve been involved in organizations that are advocating for the rights of the people. Luyolo Lengisi and Siyabonga Khusela saw the need to open an organization that would help boys to be better men and not be perpetrators but to be protectors by respecting society and understanding the real meaning of manhood.

Our ice breaker was the balloons of happiness with a message about caring and looking out for others and we will find our happiness too.
Sherri-Lee Kriedemann’s story about mental health and her hardships experienced due to bullying led her to never feel worthy and this escalated into cross addiction and mental health fallout. Sherri-Lee shared so authentically and courageously about her struggles that left the audience remarking in disbelief. Her message came across so strongly that there is hope but we need to talk about our mental health and reach out. Stigma must die.
The event was very impactful and there was a strong sense of connection amongst all present.

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