Rising Boldly

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The theme Rising Boldly is about seeing life through a different lens.
I believe we have all experienced so much fear with this pandemic and it’s how we adapt and change our attitude. I have certainly had to change my outlook and have adopted a more organic and blended approach.

When we face our struggles and allow the feelings to percolate we become curious and creative.

F -face E -everything A -and R – rise spoke to me and there have been many incidents where I have had to rise with boldness and courage despite the setbacks, the discomfort, hurt it’s all part of a rich story that keeps evolving. When I think of the word RISE ……

R – Respond and take responsibility.

I – Integrity is choosing courage over comfort.

S- Strength is believing.

E – Enlightened is facing the GRIND.

When we go into the GRIND ( Get Ready It’s a New Day ) we need to do it BOLDLY, with commitment and a strong belief even if we have a bumble along the way we have a choice to face it and RISE BOLDLY.

Charissa Balman

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