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Lockdown- Locked Up- Locked In – Locked Out. The last year has been nothing like we have ever experienced. From masks 😷 to washing hands 🙌🏽 from homeschooling 🏚to zoom meetings 💻from lockdown 54321 ⌚️ from wine 🍷 to water 💧 from hugs to blowing kisses – it’s been a corona roller. 🦠we are all grieving someone or something and life is not quite the same.

So – let’s talk about how we are feeling today. How we have survived or not – how we have thrived or not. 🧻 after over 300 days in some form of lockdown- one thing is true – there have been many conflicts- life is made up of polarities. Pain and pleasure, highs and lows, obstacles and opportunities.

🤩STORYLAB is hosting an event and we want you to join us – to hear 3 incredible stories from 3 amazing women- on their “lockdown” and how they overcame and found hope. Book Storylab zoom storytelling- on Quicket now.

For two hours of connection in the safety of your home – of inspiration and hope.



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    Thank you so much Trudy. Absolutely amazing.. love Charissa.. you are truly an inspiration ❤️
    Thank you 🙏🏼exceeded all my expectations ❣️Shirley Brink

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    It was such a special experience for me. So cathartic and I certainly learned so much about my experience by writing it all down. A big thanks to Trudy and Charissa ❤️ Hope to connect again soon
    Ghanaan Edwards

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