Gallery: Forgiveness

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Our hearts are full ❤️ our spirits lifted our lives and our hearts are changed with hearing these incredible stories of forgiveness.

Yesterday- we connected – ignited and were truly transformed whilst listening to Mama Olga Macingwane, Stefaans Coetzee, Charissa Balman, and Jenny Clayton. Thank you for weaving the threads together and giving us a powerful message. Forgiveness is healing. What a privilege ♥️

🙏🏼We have so much gratitude to you all for sharing a beautiful space with us and making our Storylab Forgiveness Storytelling event so special.

Thank you to everyone who came for being a part of an amazing morning.

Love Charissa and Trudy ❤️


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    Our hearts are full too! It was again an unforgettable morning! Much to process and reflect on but what a wonderful journey it is going to be. So grateful to you Trudy Shepherd Blake and Charissa Balman! Feeling so inspired and hopeful! Kika Magalhaes

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    Yesterday moved me beyond ❤️ thank you. Tracey Pooling

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    Thank you ladies for the most fantastic morning of sharing and listening. What an experience to hear the stories and to gain more insight into forgiveness and a reminder of what it is. Charlotte Haggie

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    Trudy and Charissa, it was such a privilege to be part of such a powerful event. The feedback was so encouraging. Thanks for inviting me and including me in the program. Charissa you have a powerful testimony and you share it very well. God bless you. 🙏🌹 Jenny Clayton

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    Dearest Charissa, I honor you for the insight, the search, and the way forward for justice, transparency, peace, love, and harmony that you have, with the help & partnership of Trudy, created in “Storylab” …. for fellow human beings to share and transmute trauma to light.

    Yesterday was the most extraordinary heartfelt experience of courage, vulnerability, authenticity, support, trust, encouragement, and mainly the recognition of all that is sustained by Divine Grace.

    I thank you, I respect and honor you and the journey you have experienced and walked in allowing us to share in your and these stories.

    We don’t really know anything … but we do know how we feel … and this you are allowing people to share in a very safe space, with simplicity trust.

    Thank you for inviting me. I shall be there in the future also.
    Claudia Buisson🌻🌻🌻

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