Take off your mask, go inside and ignite your story

This talk will inspire you to uncover your stories and give you tools to find the courage to share them. Your stories are the threads that when woven together form the fabric of your life with its imperfections, patterns, pains and pleasure you are stronger because of your stories. They need to be spoken and heard.

We value every story as it reminds us how unique, fascinating, courageous and fragile we all are.

During this talk you will discover 8 tools to owning your story and being able to let go, forgive, love and live a meaningful life that heals your heart and others.

By combining the tools of self-acceptance, trust, openness, being real, having a deep yearning, love, awareness and bravery you will find yourself connecting with yourself and igniting your inner wisdom to tell your story.

What you can expect to take away:

  • True-life storytelling from beginning to end
  • Connection with one another through shared experiences
  • The gift of telling your story – STORYLAB
  • A desire to share your story and grow from the experience
  • Gratitude for a friendly, warm, intimate, honest and life affirming space.

At STORYLAB we believe that lives are changed through the power of sharing stories.

The company was founded when two lives connected through pain, ignited through a shared vision and were transformed because of story-telling.  We shared our stories, we cried together, we laughed together and we healed together.

Please contact the organisers, Charissa Balman and Trudy Blake, to reserve your place!


Aug 13 2020


10:00 am - 12:00 pm




Zoom Meeting
Charissa Balman


Charissa Balman
+27 74 190 7535

Other Organizers

Trudy Blake
Trudy Blake
+ 27 83 455 5071
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