Work with our coaches who will create a unique journey for you to connect with who you are and empower you to tell your story.


Charissa Balman

Professional Recovery Coach | Athlete | Survivor | Storyteller | Visionary
I am a professional recovery coach, athlete, survivor, storyteller and visionary who is passionate about getting people to a place of wellness where they discover a space to reach inside and access their inner wisdom and reach their Recovery Capital embarking on a journey of discovery.
I have had a colourful life being the eldest of six children, a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother of two and grandmother.
My own experience of sharing my stories has helped me connect with myself in an honest and authentic way, which has ignited connection and transformation with others. My stories are unusual, unique, courageous and filled with strength and hope.
I have a passion for authentic storytelling as a means of recovery from addiction / trauma and on mental and cognitive health.


Trudy Blake

Professional Coach | Creator | Storyteller | Enneagram Specialist | Mentor

Be true to yourself – start telling your stories.
My purpose is to support people to find their why and to live a life that is healed, complete and meaningful.
I have a compassionate, creative, and collaborative approach to coaching, with an energy that enables people to connect with and love who they are.
My stories are a mixture of sunshine and pain and facing them has changed my life. My heart is to encourage storytelling as a catalyst for transformation and healing.
My life is enriched through my experiences as a loved daughter, amazing wife, mother, a caring sister, awesome aunt, good friend, compassionate coach, ex-fashion retail executive and world traveller. I am an artist and express my love in crochet, paint and cakes.
I would love to inspire you to connect with the real you, unlock your story, transform your life and release your purpose.