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Our StoryLab – Bold Women event was well received and left the audience feeling mindful, aware, inspired, and curious.
Accountability, personal boundaries, determination, and shifting a mindset to operate on a different frequency, seeing life through a different lens brings us many different perspectives and opportunities.
Thank you to all who attended and made this event so special.
A big thank you to our incredible storytellers Karoline Hanks, Cathy Park Kelly, Notukela Makohliso, and Jean Payne all elude to what it means to be BOLD WOMEN.
Trudy and I feel blessed to be able to facilitate these events.
A BOLD WOMAN stands up for who she is and for what she values and believes in.
A BOLD WOMAN remains optimistic which helps her stay resilient, no matter what life throws a her.
A BOLD WOMAN is an inspiration to others she is resilient and courageous, especially in the face of the most difficult situations.
Meet our BOLD WOMEN:
Environmentalist | Ultra Trail Runner | Campaigner
Disability Activist |Businesswoman | Writer |Storyteller
Writer | Teacher | Dreamer | Survivor
Survivor | Believer | Trail Runner


  1. It was absolutely an incredible precious afternoon! Wow! Wow! Wow!

  2. What a privilege to be a part of this yesterday! Had fun telling my story and hopefully touching a few hearts and minds.

  3. Grateful!!!
    An afternoon well spent. What an amazing experience. Thank you Storylab for creating this platform where people can have a safe space to share, learn, connect and find purpose.

  4. I really loved being part of this beautiful event. Thank you!

  5. God’s astounding beauty filled the place today with love and light 💛🫶🏼 I felt it amongst us all.
    Vulnerable I may have felt, I sincerely thank you and Trudy for creating a safe space to share and connect.
    Continue touching lives and igniting hope. Our world needs more of it.

  6. Trudy and Charissa.
    Thank you so much for hosting a truly inspiring afternoon of 4 incredible women’s stories.
    I look forward to the next Storylab afternoon. 🌸

  7. Feeling blessed for another great afternoon of powerful stories by these BOLD Women.

  8. I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night. My head & heart were filled with these women’s voices, from the Storylab Circle event.

    From Karoline Hanks’s grueling 13 Peaks challenge, carrying the dream of a plastic-free, turtle-filled ocean in her heart, to Notukela Makohliso’s inner light shining on her face as she listed the tragedies and challenges she’s lived through, and her quietly strong affirmation of how able she is, and Jéan Payne’s willingness to be vulnerable about her tragic loss, and how she carries her son Reagan’s spirit with her in how she chooses to live her life… to all the other connections we made & stories we heard in the break-away groups. Humans can be so lovely.

    If ever you’re feeling alone, or disconnected, or fed up with this old world of ours, do yourself a favor and attend a StoryLab event. Even if you have a sleepless night afterwards, you’ll feel pretty damn blessed to be part of this human story we’re all living.

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