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STORYLAB is a company created to bring growth, healing and change into people’s lives through telling our stories.

In our workshops, unplugged storytelling events and coaching initiatives we will inspire you to reflect, remember and share the stories that make you who you are. You can learn how to tell your story in our workshops, ignite with others listening to stories told by our unplugged story tellers in our gatherings or unlock your story through a coaching journey crafted just for you. Your story matters. We know that it is not something that you can stand up and simply do –it takes some inner work to remember,unlock, craft and release your story. It takes courage, patience and practice. It is the part of you no one can take away and no one else can tell it. We all have adventures, failures, trials, journeys, and achievements to reflect on and share with others.You can make a positive difference to your life and to other people’s lives through telling your story.


About usThe StoryLab Name & Logo


Our name was born with positive intention that has become the 8 threads of our workshop. Each thread represented with a colour which is visual in our logo.

Self-Acceptance, Trust, Open Heartedness, Real (authentic), Yearning, Love, Awareness, Bravery.

An Enso is a sacred Zen symbol meaning circle. It is traditionally drawn using only one brush stroke as a meditative practice in letting go of the mind and allowing the body to create.
It symbolizes many things: the beauty in imperfection, the art of letting go of expectations, the circle of life, strength, elegance, one-mindedness and connection. The enso is a manifestation of the artist at the moment of creation and the acceptance of our innermost self. The colours signify the eight different elements of the STORYLAB acronym which is revealed in our STORYLAB workshops.

About UsMeet Your Passionate Team

Trudy Blake and Charissa Balman's paths crossed when they met at a support group in 2018, they were both on a journey of healing where they discovered the meaning of self acceptance, trust, vulnerability and the power of forgiveness. It was a transformative process for them.

Their stories connected them, their visions aligned and their passion for mental health and the power of storytelling ignited and here they are today changing the hearts and lives through the power of storytelling that has healed many lives.

They provide a place to allow people to share their stories, laugh, cry and ultimately heal.