Overcoming Fallout

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Our storytellers are ready to share their experiences with overcoming mental fallout.
Join us on the 30th of October at 09h30 for an enlightening morning that will inspire and uplift you.
STORY LAB storytelling impacts lives
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In our work as StoryLab coaches, Charissa Balman and I create a safe space for people to open up, connect with and release their stories.
Many stories are told one paragraph at a time as our clients take small steps to process their pain and find the courage to open up to their truths.
We always witness an incredible transformation as the story flows out and an increase in our client’s sense of meaning and purpose.
Their pain and journey become instrumental in the healing of others, it becomes their reason, mission, passion, and purpose.
The path God takes you through is to shape you to enable you to take someone through the same path. ❤️
Find healing & purpose through the power of your story.
Are you ready to release the first line of the first chapter of your story?


  1. Author

    Samantha, I just want to say I had goosebumps through your whole story. Finding the gift in your experience is a powerful step to healing and recovery and I love this about you. I love how you found the extraordinary in the ordinary and how you are continuing with your studies! Such an honor to hear your story. Thank you for allowing us into your world. – Candice King

  2. Author

    Thank you, Samantha, what struck me is looking at Bipolar as an ABILITY and the most important relationship is with yourself. I also felt liberated when I studied Physiotherapy full time at 35. You rock and I am so encouraged – Simone Burgesmeir

  3. Author

    Thank you so much, Sam. You are so brave and giving. I love the boat analogy and the realization that you are at the helm and that bipolar and depression is an ability, not a disability. This perspective has helped me. I am honored to have heard your story x – Katherine Ledger

  4. Author

    Thank you so much for sharing Sam … Your authenticity and honesty shines a guiding light for all … x Janet Salt

  5. Author

    Sherri-lee it’s been an honour to have met you and a greater honour to hear your journey from teenhood into adulthood and how you are using your experiences to now help teens navigate this uncertain time. What an incredible realization you have had during the last 18 months. Incredible insight and realizations. Your story speaks into so much that our teens are facing, doing, and living. You are an inspiration. You special humans are the rainbow to so many people and our teens – Candice King

  6. Author

    Sherri-Lee you truly are an amazing person. To acknowledge through that pain that every part of your story is meant to be, to spare others pain is so moving. I especially love the analogy every storm eventually runs out of rain. I’ve had that self-critical voice running through my head all my life but I am so glad there is another voice to listen to. Love what you have said. Sending love and thank you so much xx Katherine Ledger

  7. Author

    Chat rooms are so inspiring! always learning and growing more and more! Deirdré eCoetze

  8. Author

    Dominique, thank you for sharing your story, which was so special. Also for sharing there are people out there (Sister Chrissie) who can offer a precious haven. That stereotype some people expect of us (the mask they expect us to wear) holds us back. I am so glad after all that you have gone through, you can be the real, lovely person you are. It’s shining out of my screen. Thank you so much. I’d love to stay in touch ❤️ Katherine Ledger

  9. Author

    A beautiful story of redemption thank you so much, Dominique. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Keep flying, keep sharing your joy and yourself. so grateful for you and what God is doing in your life – Brenda

  10. Author

    Thank you for making me realize again taking the mask of “it’s all fine smile” off is the greatest gift we can ever give – Angelique

  11. Author

    Thank you to everyone for this amazing session. sharing your stories. allowing us to be a part of your past, present, and your journey…you are amazing and your voice will change the world!!!! Renee Arendse

  12. Author

    Thank you so much charissa and Trudy. This was so insightful and heart-warming. And one learns that everyone has challenges in life and an event like this gives tools to move on. You are doing a great thing. Its been a privilege to witness. Sue Smirin

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